Tuesday, June 17, 2008

eBay DevCon 08 - Tue17 10:00 It's all about money

This speak from Jason Korosec (GM, Developer Platform, Product Management, PayPal) has started as a lesson on the history of money, currency and value behind it. That is not what the abstract for the speak promised, but it has been a quite interesting lesson... so far! ;)

Jason showed the value network where PayPal acts, as an intermediator on the relation between Seller and Buyer to the whole financial system (Payment Network, Issuer Bank and Acquirer Bank).

PayPal claims the developer community (and helps them doing it) to build applications that would allow the Seller and Buyer to use the whole Value Network in a simpler manner.

As a suggestion, one should take the PayPal Developer Certification exam and this would open the doors to reach the Buyers and Sellers in need, or even those who still don't know what they need.

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