Tuesday, June 17, 2008

eBay DevCon 08 - Mon16 13:30, Inside the Black Box - PayPal's Deployment Architecture

This presentation was given by Jeff Meyer, Distinguished Architect (another nice job name!!) with PayPal. As he explained, more on a Software Architect than SysAdmin side. In my opinion this presentation was very shallow regarding architecture. I wasn't expecting an in depth presentation about the insides of their platform (for obvious reasons like security, business interests and time-boxed presentation), but it could be a little bit more into the platform architecture.
Anyway, Jeff gave some information about the technologies they use, like:

  • Application Servers are Linux Based over Intel

  • C++ is used to write most of the code of the platform

  • Apache on the front-end with CGI

  • webscr to handle the browser based interaction

  • Frontend SOAP and Normal Value Pairs (NPV)

  • SSL

  • Oracle Database (on Solaris)

Well, that was pretty much everything new for someone used to dealing with on-line payments, like me.

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