Tuesday, June 17, 2008

eBay DevCon 08 - Mon16 15:30, New PayPal Integration Tools for Developers

On this speak, 3 guys from PayPal team presented basically three sets of tools:
Wizard: The only interesting stuff in my opinion. This wizard has an interface to help developers or merchants to build from scratch an integration with PayPal throuch clicking and providing basic answers. It generates usable code, and it lacks the ability to let user setup optional parameters for APIs. You may take a look at it, after all, you are a developer, right?
Button Designer and Sandbox: This part of the presentation was really basic, except for two things: PayPal will start to have the ability to let merchants manage their sales and profit (if you decide to provide eBay with sensitive information about your buseinss) on eCommerce. Just to remind you, on this presentation they also showed the IPN Simulator.

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