Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lower Case, Upper Case and Capitalize in Ruby

Ruby has some very straightforward methods to change the case of your strings.

Here are some of them:

"HoMer".downcase # returns homer
"lisa".upcase # returns LISA
"margie".capitalize # returns Margie
"BaRt".swapcase #returns bArT

Just a quick one! :)

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Search an Array in Ruby

If you want to search for a value in an array in Ruby you could do something like this:

array = ['Bart','Lisa','Maggie']
array.include?('Homer') # returns false
array.include?('Lisa') # returns true

Another possibility is to do this:

array = ['Bart','Lisa','Maggie']
array.index 'Homer' # returns nil
array.index 'Lisa' # returns 1

Both methods should work for searching an array.

For more information check the Ruby API for the Array Class.



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