Tuesday, June 17, 2008

eBay DevCon 08 - They talked about me... :)

Today in the morning I spoke with Lucy Suros, who is a writer blogging about the eBay Dev Con. She was very kind during our conversation and told this brief chat on the PayPal Developer blog.

"Just this morning I spoke with Daniel from Brazil. He works for UOL, one of the largest content providers in that country. He traveled all the way to Chicago to learn how he might be able to leverage PayPal for billing and payments, and was particularly interested in PayPal’s plans to more aggressively expand into Central and South America. UOL sounds like a cross between New York Times, iTunes, AOL, and craigslist. Daniel notes that Brazilians don’t feel safe entering their credit card information on the Web. Sounds to me like a perfect fit for PayPal."

Click here for the whole post!

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