Tuesday, June 17, 2008

eBay DevCon 08 - Mon16 13:30, What's New with the PayPal Developer Program

This presentation was given by Damon Williams, Senior Manager, Developer Program at PayPal, with whom, by the way, we had breakfast.
PayPal really is focusing on bringing the developer's community to work with them. The PayPal Developer Certification is just a part of it. The have a Directory to list the Certified Developers and this has been an interesting opportunity for the ones who took (and passed) the test.
Besides the certification, PayPal provides Marketing Material for the developers to promote their skills and/or companies; provides education through training and conferences; provides tools (sdk, code samples, sandbox).
The new Developer Central is on beta stage, but already with many information for the developers.

While talking to him before the presentation, I asked how many developers do they have for PayPal alone, and the answer was: "around a couple of thousand".

He spoke a little bit about the Recurring Payment and Express Checkout APIs. There was also a brief presentation on the IPN Simulator, now available to developers in the sandbox.

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