Tuesday, June 2, 2009

JavaOne 2009: EJB 3.1Overview

EJB 3.1 Technology Overview by Kenneth Saks
He spoke about the EJB 3.1 Spec which should be ready by end of the year.

  • Session Bean with Local Business Interface; "No-interface" view client - it calls directly the business method from the EJB and it is not generated by the API

  • Java EE Platform packaging will change to a simplified version; same behavior withoud need for ejb-jar

  • EJB 3.1 "lite" API; a small subset of EJB 3.1 API required by JavaEE pPlatform 6 Web Profile, which is made possible by the simplified .war packaging mentioned earlier (local session beans, transactions, declarative security and interceptors)

  • Portable global JNDI Names for Remote and Local session beans; portable naming syntax with unique names defined globally, within application and per module

  • EJB Component Testing tries to solve the problem that it is hard to test Local session beans and client-side EJB component; it is possible to run the EJB in an embeddable container in regular JSE

  • New features: Singletons (new Session Bean component type, Container and Bean Managed Concurrency), Startup/shutdown callbacks, Caledar-based timers (created progammatically or automatically), Asynchronous session bean invocations (available for Stateful, Stateless and Singleton beans), JAX-RS Integration

Glassfish v3 has the implementation for all these new features.

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