Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Certified Scrum Master

Today I became, as the subject of the post suggests, a Certified Scrum Master. As stated in the Scrum Alliance web-site, "Scrum is an iterative, incremental process for developing any product or managing any work".
Just finished the training with Ken Schwaber (in the picture with me) and I've posted below some notes I took during the training.

  1. Scrum is not intended to solve your company's development problems. Actually, if you have enough problems, Scrum is most likely to expose them even more.
  2. Scrum is a framework that was built to give the team a tool to organize, measure and estimate their work and the state of the product.
  3. Scrum by itself will not increase quality or make you deliver faster code. Check item number 1.
  4. Think about people and not resources. The teams are made of people.
  5. Transparency is the keyword. Scrum gives to the product owner transparency over your project, showing exactly where you are and how much you still need to finish it.
The training was great, and all the time you could see people saying: "ahhhh, so that's how it is done"...
As I observed today, lots of people believe that Scrum might be the solution for their problems and are actually trying it at their companies. However, listening to the most experienced on it is fundamental, and as Ken suggested at the end of the training: talk to each other.
Finding out what other teams are trying, what is working and what is not is the key to success.


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