Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ignoring Files in Subversion

As I told before, I am using windows as a development environment, and one problem I was facing is that my GUI client SmartSVN was showing binary files produced by compilation (*.class, *.jar) and other uninteristing files do be versioned (like *.log).

I read documentation in the SVN Book Chapter 7, all sort of sites throughout the internet and there was only one solution that worked for me!

This Works - In folder "C:\Documents and Settings\[your_username]\Application Data\Subversion" you will find a file named config (with no extension). In this file there should be a section called [miscellany] and in there you will find the key "global-ignores". Uncomment it (remove the "#" char from the beginning) if necessary, add the extensions you would like to be ignored and you are good to go!

This DOES NOT work - Although it is the solution pointed out by the SVN Book and in many sites, changing the windows registry will not work for SmartSVN.

Still could not find a way to set the default global-ignores for the whole server.

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